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I just wanted to share with all of you guys a good story. My ex was pretty much worthless, hid her income, remarried, popped out 3 more with that poor guy and made my life hell for almost 15 years. My child support obligation has been over for about a year and a half and because of the multiple times she took me back my wife got pissed and went back to school, well she's now a pharmacist. [biggrin] Since the bankroll quit coming in, my ex wont answer any calls or texts involving our son. Well fast forward to about a month ago and she wants me to pay $115 doc bill that shouldnt even exist because she is too lazy to take my son to an "in network" provider. In a nutshell I got to unleash 15 years of stuff I felt I couldnt say because she always held me hostage, It was truly the best day of my life. Im only telling you guys this because it WILL get better. Yes it is a painfully long process. Just be the best parent you can be and take the high road(well I did except for the unleashing part). Your child will understand as they get older. And you will have a day like I had and it will be great!!!!

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That's really a good story. Lucky you.
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