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If be opposite,so healthy demand is compared tall, the proposal uses real wood floor board. The decorative pattern that the advantage with real wood the biggest floor board is it is very natural, and feel better also at other floor foot relatively, . wintry warm Xia Liang, beautiful nature, environmental protection, have natural fragrance. Defect is dry requirement is spent taller, cannot be in the place with greater humidity to use, be out of shape; is afraid of the chemical material such as soda acid easily corrode; to suffer enroach on of bacterium, fungus, insect easily, life does not grow; easy combustion to wait. . 2, I understood aggrandizement wood floor at the back of aggrandizement wood floor again, aggrandizement wood floor is the most wooden floor that I see on building materials market, also be every supplier sales volume is highest. General component is the structure of aggrandizement wood floor 4, surface layer is wear-resisting layer, it is to contain 3 oxidation the; of surface layer paper of the wear-resisting material such as 2 aluminium is adornment layer the 2nd layer, it is computer is emulated make presswork three-layer of paper. .
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