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cleaning: PHILPS HR1871/00 juicer is convenient to clean, clean as new one minute! Revolutionary quick clean filter, the central collector pomace more easy to clean, smooth surface, easy to clean materials, all removable parts can be put into the dishwasher. 3, easy to use: PHILPS HR1871/00 Juicer easy to use, juicer spout parts to ensure that the fruit juice directly into the cup, the assembly is convenient and quick, and equipped with Juicer recipes. Method of use four, PHILPS 1, manual Juicer Juicer juicer is

very simple, before using the machine of the cutting knife and the installation of screw centrifugal filter, centrifugal filter and a cutting knife on the box is fixed on the base and connected to the power supply. 2, the use of juicer, it should be when the normal rotation and then put food. 3, the amount of food should not be too large, too thick, strong, so as not to damage the cutting tool and cause motor overload. The food should be cut into small, hard food can soak the soft foam. Store too much food powder

should not be 4, centrifugal filter, timely clean, otherwise easy to cause vibration. To keep the juicer inside and outside clean, after each use should be carefully cleaned. When cleaning, can not be directly used to tap the bottom of the juicer juice, not to put the body in the water, so as not to damage the electrical insulation. These are small series for everyoneListen to the many paint industry friends said, paint is a kind of delicate building materials, temperature or humidity of the slightest mistake, it will strike. The

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Thanks for sharing April 2018 calendar template April 2018 calendar printable
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