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Ok for those who like to piss off child support is one I am interested in.  In a modification you have to meet certain guidelines which I understand.  A modification can take up to 180 days...that is almost 6 months.  We KNOW that they state gets money based on the amount of C.S. they collect.  I am curious if there is a signicant difference in processing time for modifcation cases bases on weather the support goes up or down. 

I am in the middle of a modification.  I called at 40 days into the process and they told me they had all my financial information and the mothers information.  I know my support is going to go down maybe as much as $100 or more.  Some mothers that I have talked to told me when they got a modification is took them a month for the new support to be issued and their support went up.

So the question is does the state drag its feet when they are going to be getting less money for child support and do they speed things up when they are going to get more?


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I can tell you that i got a letter stating than I was behind on my support, but I wasn't, which I, my ex and even my exes lawyer agreed upon. We all called them and told them they were mistaken. Within the month they were garnishing extra support each week to cover the psuedo "missing" support.


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