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I was wondering if anyone that has an ex-wife that operates an in home daycare and how they handle them when it comes to changing child support.  She is a registered daycare but I know that she hides her income.


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My former did this for awhile as well.  She had 5-6 full-time kids, and reported $0.00 to CSRU. 
I know what daycare costs though.  I knew she had to be making $500+ a week.  About $30,000 a year.  Not to mention her husband made $85,000 in his job and they had a lawn business too (not just mowing, we're talking implement-type equipment).  At one point, they were grossing somewhere between $120,000 and $150,000 per year for household income while my wife and I both made a combined $70,000.  I was paying $485/month support.
Here is what I would do.  Find someone you know that has kids.  Can't be someone that she would recognize that knows you.  Have them apply to daycare, interview, etc.  Once they get all of the information, you know what she makes by recording how many kids are there on a regular basis.  First, provide the documentation of this to CSRU, if they don't care take it to a modification hearing, AND report her to the IRS.  She probably is not reporting it on taxes either. 

Matt Hills

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Iowa is hurting for revenues so the State Auditor may also be worth contacting.

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Contact the Iowa Department of Revenue, and the IRS.  Not only will they snoop into her income, but she's evading taxes, and that'll have her in a legal quandry that might work to your advantage custody-wise. 


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