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and now I can not say that the Chinese people in the wood flooring industry occupies what kind of position, we do face a lot of problems, such as wall of the floor of the patent, The United States encountered the issue of anti-dumping, power first strong, we first do their own independent innovation, their own grasp of such a road market. We are not rhetoric to say, within a year to do what China what, it is unpredictable, we will use our efforts to fight for the early so that our products into the vast number of consumers home, Flooring as a decorative floor of a leading product, a common people to become a personal product. Focus on the decoration home network reporter Dai Bei: I think you are very good, to do close to the consumer products, then the next problem is related to consumption, we do business are differentiated business, product needs to differentiate, I See our products with other similar products compared to very different. Flooring is a real estate downstream industry, real estate changes will cause changes in the downstream, Related links: australia composite board wood polymer composite additives manufacturers in europe discount composite wood decking india

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