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The alternative to using a flatiron to straighten your hair is to go to a salon and have your hair chemically straightened. This can keep your hair straight for a longer period of time, but the chemicals are very hard on your hair and they can also burn your skin if they are allowed to remain on your scalp for too long.

It is difficult to use these harsh chemicals on people who are very young or very old, and extremely difficult (not to mention dangerous) to use them on individuals who are sick. One main benefits, however, of chemically straightening your hair is longevity. Chemically straightened hair will, on average, last a few months before requiring another treatment.

tyme flat Iron straight hair heater using the most advanced heating technology (MCH body), heating plate using the Korean ceramic oil technology, not only to make up for the aluminum plate heating plate damage to the hair and take into account the ceramic plate heating slow, uneven heating, and implanted nano-technology, far-infrared technology and anion technology, tyme iron promo code products mostly using surface light treatment, noble and elegant, excellent quality. All products in accordance with the British GS standard manufacturing, safe and reliable.

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