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A webinar refers to a web-based seminar. free webinar software Whether you’re running a business, running a blog or teaching, webinars can help you diversify and expand your audience from the comfort of your home. It allows participants to interact in real-time with multiple people from all over the globe. After researching, evaluating and meticulously going through webinar provider reviews, we will recommend to you 5 webinar providers to enable you to host webinars effortlessly.


Skype is one of the most popular webinar provider in the world. You can choose a specific list of attendees for your webinar through Skype. You can also use it with Microsoft Pulse to keep the audience engaged and evaluate their responsiveness in real-time through polls. You can also upload PowerPoint presentations or display live camera feeds. You can even choose different feeds for audio and visual content. Besides files, Skype also allows sharing of contacts and screens. Lastly, Skype provides you the ability to record your webinar in a downloadable mp4 format.

providers of webinar

4. Google Hangouts

Google is the pioneer in web-based applications and does not fail to live up its standards with its webinar platform, Hangouts. It has been integrated into Google chat, Google+ profiles and Gmail. With Google’s ownership of YouTube, Hangouts allows you to directly stream live to your YouTube channel or a web page. free webinar tools You can also choose to publish the recording of your “hangout” later on YouTube automatically. Like most other Google projects it is also free. However, it supports only up to 10 people. Furthermore, it does not allow you to charge your audience for attending or to sell within a hangout.

providers of webinar


ezTalks is a cloud based webinar provider which has developed ezTalks Cloud Meeting to allow you to interact with audiences through high-definition audio and video. Up to a 100 people can join a webinar hosted through ezTalks Cloud Meeting for free. Moreover, it allows you to make seminars and lecture more enjoyable and creative through its interactive whiteboard feature and share screens to all participants.

It is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android computer and devices without the need for any additional hardware. Moreover, you can schedule webinars and inform participants about it using their software.what is webinar It also collects the email address of participants which enables you to ask follow up questions or interact directly with prospective clients. The ability to record and playback your webinar further helps you evaluate the effectiveness of your webinar. You also have the ability to share multi-media files such as presentations, images, documents and more. ezTalks also offers top-notch security and privacy through encryption and strict policy control.

webinar providers

2. Cisco

Cisco offers an entire family of software for webinars. If you value state-of-the-art features and are not afraid of spending generously to have them, Cisco is your ideal choice. Cisco’s webinar platform allows you to generate customized or template invites to webinars with a capacity of up to 3000 people. You can choose between a one-way broadcast or multi-way interaction. Additionally, you can send automatic reminders and follow-ups to prospective business leads.

webinar provider

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