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EA Sports has updated FIFA 18 rules Fifa 18 Comfort Trade coins regarding the web app - and gamers are not happy about it.
New ‘Terms of Services’ state that any player who uses certain Google Chrome extensions/add-ons to try and take shortcuts in valuating your club or completing Squad Building Challenges, could face a ban.
Thousands of gamers use Futbin, amongst other sites, for this very reason - which allow them to import squads into their games.
The EA statement reads: “You can only access FIFA, FIFA Ultimate Team, and our FIFA servers using an official version of EA SPORTS TIMORE, otherwise it breaks our rules. ”
Many of the sites require you to share personal details with them - essentially putting your account at risk. This is cited as one of the main reasons behind the new rules.
The actual EA statement continues: “If you share your credentials with someone who is using a modified platform, that breaks our rules too. We don’t want you to use third party apps and browser extensions because cheap fut 18 coins  it puts your account at risk. ”
Still, which hasn’t stopped the FIFA community on Reddit from voicing their anger at the news.
One wrote: “If I actually got banned because I used the Futbin squad importer, I will charge back every purchase I made to EA this year. ”
Another said: “This just makes me laugh, what is their thought process here?
“Should we make our awful gameplay better? Should we consider that the price of our in game currency is too high?
“No let’s ban users who are using an extension to trade and further their accounts in the hope they’ll buy more FIFA points. ”

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