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different energy frequency, magnetic field and different functions. Efficacy: according to the properties of crystal energy, divided into white yellow purple and green in the home field in God to mobilize the swing range, the natural gas circulation. The formation of protective gas, not only helps to ward off evil spirits of peace, wealth flow, Business Flourishes. In the business premises, office of God put a range of crystal frequency and energy, through its own aura, priming aura and the full integration of official life field, can

make transportation smooth, harmonious relationship, strong connections. White crystal, help purify the mind, calm, karma. Huang Shuijing, can you, lucky must increase confidence. Powder crystal, help the interpersonal relationship, recruit love, find the ideal object. Amethyst, open the wisdom of talent, enhance memory, development potential. Green crystal, help and career promotion, new job is necessary. 2 fish: fish tank in the metaphysics for making things up, and will be placed in a position with the office of

God, with the help of fish swimming, driving position gas, circulation Aioi, make the integration with the gas at the same time, the number of fish with five of the number of users, self services in Tengda. With the help of it, leadership recognition, career decision making work easier, grasp the ease, harmonious relationship between cadres and masses, comfortable. And water for wealth, life support officer officer, indicate the fame and fortune. Feng Shui ship: Feng Shui ship is modern metaphysical derived from evil. 1

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