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natural to the world forest creates pressure. For alleviation this one state, malaysia government already rolled out the forestation guideline that can last and lumber certification system, solve denudation forest problem. He hopes global lumber congress can let practitioner understand the challenge that comes from lumber industry 2016, enhance this domain competition ability politicly from time to tome together. Chief inspector of bureau of equestrian lumber industry adds Laluding to express, malaysia lumber commodity imports dimensions to amount to 880 million dollar, explain entrance lumber raw material is correct lift, home of allied country reaching Europe can be exported after the businessman processes lumber raw material into the furniture of high additional cost. Western Chinese hemlock log 730 thousand stere, grow 7% compared to the same period; Dragon spruce log 300 thousand stere, grow 78% compared to the same period; Yellow loose log 97 thousand stere, decrease compared to the same period 40% ; Southern loose log 190 thousand stere, grow 65% compared to the same period; Western stere of 1 318 of red cedar log, grow 43% compared to the same period. The 10 exit country that afore-mentioned mentioning occupies China to always import an amount 99% . Among them, the exit country of before the rank 5 occupies China to always import an amount 97% . "lightweight concrete on a plywood deck,recycled soda bottle lumber,interior exterior paneling uk
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