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Always be gentle to your hair while styling and use the iron softly and carefully on your hair. Take care of the temperature setting. Start with the lowest temperature so that you won't burn your hair. You can slowly increase the heat to suit your hair type. Don't forget to wax your hair after styling to sooth the hair.

Nowhere is the infamous saying about greener grass on the other side of the fence more often used than with hair texture, length, color and pretty much any other element in hair styling. Having grown up with very curly - almost afro hair myself in the midst of people who all had either bone straight or wavy hair I know all to well the plight of those wishing for the other hair type. I used to dream of having straight hair and cursed my own texture. Today I have no desire to change my hair texture at all - mostly because once it starts getting thinner, that problem basically makes all your others seem small and insignificant.

url=]simply straight[/url] the plug into a specified voltage outlet; Press the key to turn on the power supply; Wait 30 seconds to 1 minutes to use the product; When you use the product, as usual hair-like operation! After the end of use, press the key, disconnect the power supply, unplug the product plug, wait for the product no heat after storage. The other thing is it's safe!! Don't worry about burning your face or your forehead like a bar or a curling stick. Don't worry about buy straight brush.

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