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How to file a "Contempt of Court"

The first step is to fill out a "Contempt" form explaining why the court needs to intervene.  If you do not have an attorney and want to represent yourself, you may download a FREE "Contempt" form on our website under "Free Legal Forms."

Second, you must file the "Contempt" form with the courthouse having jurisdiction.  Please understand that a filing fee will be assessed and I believe it is around $50.00.

Third, you will need to have the sheriff serve notice to your ex.  Again, there is a fee associated with this service and payable only with cash.  I believe this service is around $35.00.  Upon your ex being served notice, you will receive a confirmation.

Lastly, you need to plan for your court hearing.  It's very important to be organized, dressed appropriately, and polite to the court.  Have all of your questions and materials ready to present.  Have copies available for the opposing counsel and yourself because you will submit the originals to the court.  

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This is a GREAT source of information!!! If at all possible, you should provide more information along these lines because fathers need to know how to represent themselves when unjust things happen.
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I see that this post is kind of old (2005).  Is the procedure still the same or has it changed in recent years?  


Also can anyone provide any advice when it comes to filling out the Contempt form?  My situation is fairly strait forward.  I live in California.  My children live with their mother in Iowa.  I am entitled to visitation during the children's spring break.  My ex-wife and I agreed on dates and plane tickets were purchased by me.  However, the kids did not get on the plane.  The ex-wife now claims that she delivered the kids to the airport but the kids chose not to travel.


I am intending to file contempt of court and to accomplish all of the legwork myself up to the point of the court hearing at which time I will re-employ my attorney.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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