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I have a hearing scheduled for 8/12 regarding a motion I filed for temporary visitiation.  I love out of the State of Iowa. 

I have been scouring Iowa Court websites and Iowa Court Rules but I cannot find how I can appear before the court via phone.  I would appreciate any information if possible.  Thank you!

Basically I filed for visitation of my daughter until permananet custody is declared by the Court.  Currently, the maternal grandparents have temporary custody following the death of my daughters mother.  They are still denying me any contact with her.


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I know this isn't what you need as it's not a definite answer for you, but I would only imagine that you must be in court in order to go ahead with your temporary visitation/custody hearing.  Since the grandparents are refusing visitation, I would think they would want to question you in court to try and prove their reasons why they are doing that to you.  Don't think this would be allowed over the phone. 

As long as I'm reading your post correctly, and dependent upon how far away you are out of the the state (Iowa), I would worry that if you can't show for the hearing that they may decide that visitation isn't possible or recommended?  If the grandparents are refusing contact between you and your daughter, I would think that they would try to use the situation your describing against you. 

I know you can conduct scheduling conferences or request extensions by phone as long as the other attorney, if available, is in agreement...and there is a judge on the line in the district where you will be holding your hearing that allows for the changes to be made.   This may be something you could do if it's a matter of timing to be back in Iowa.

It may be a pain, but unless there is a means to do this by phone....I would do my best to get to Iowa when you need to be.

Again, I'm sorry to not have a definite answer for you as I looked it up and couldn't find anything myself.



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I don't have an absolute answer either but I think FFDads is correct in that you need to be here. Only other suggestion I have it to keep good notes on each and every attempt to contact your daughter and how her grandparents blocked it.


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Appearing in person is your best choice. You could request a telephonic hearing but it is totally up to the discretion of the judge.

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