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Once you've decided that you're happy to pay the price, you must also check whether or not the surgery will be effective for you. You have to have very healthy eyes, and they must have stopped changing. A patient may also be automatically disqualified from LASIK surgery due to certain prescription limitations.

A reputable practitioner, however, will always undertake a comprehensive review of your medical history prior to recommending LASIK surgery. At the initial consultation the ophthalmologist will conduct a variety of tests, in order to determine whether there are any eye problems or disease that could make the surgery less effective. You also can't have LASIK surgery if you're pregnant, or if you have a compromised immune system, as the eye may have problems recovering from the surgery.

dial vision as seen on tv The eye reflects the effect of light, and the ability of light to represent refraction is Senqui, called Diopter. The eye does not use the adjustment when the refractive state, called the static refraction, the standard eye static refractive light focal degree -58.64D. The refractive state of human eye in the use of regulation, known as dynamic refractive, dial vision glasses price, is stronger than that of static refractive light intensity.

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