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Experts warn that women drivers should not wear sunglasses with heavy frames and the pink or dark glasses are not suitable either.The reason is that these sunglasses would disable their peripheral sight badly.To choose a good pair of sunglasses, one should pay attention to the color. Analyzing from the physiological points, grey, green and tawny glasses are good for eyes. Neither too dark nor too light is profitable.

Some short-sighted people also tend to choose prescription sunglasses instead of common myopia glasses in summer. What makes the prescription sunglasses different from other glasses is that they give normal lenses colors to prevent the forceful rays. But such glasses can be used only outdoors and you had better stop wearing them in doors.

dial vision the principle of eye regulation is due to the elasticity of the lens itself, when looking at the distant target, Ciliary is in a state of relaxation, ciliary the lens to maintain a certain degree of tension, the lens is relatively flat; when looking near the target, the ciliary of the annular muscle contraction, causing the lens suspension ligament relaxation, which makes the lens because of its own elasticity and forward and rear protruding, so that the where to buy dial vision glasses The refractive power of the eye is larger than usual and is imaged on the retina.


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