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With multi-million dollar prizes, hundreds of Fifa 18 Comfort Trade coins  millions of fans and a push to make it an Olympic event, the once niche sport is now impossible to ignore.

By 2020, games industry researcher Newzoo predicts the global audience for eSports will approach 580m, with the industry worth more than $1. 5 billion.

More than half of eSports fans in America, Britain, France and Germany now consider competitive gaming a sport. More than two-thirds believe it will soon become mainstream.

The soon is particularly poignant.

Many people still hold out-dated stereotypes of competitive gamers - the staying in, the lack of a social life - perceptions that are perhaps the biggest barrier for eSports breaking into the popular.

For Neville Upton, CEO of UK eSports company Gfinity, cheap fut 18 coins the immediate focus is changing these outdated beliefs.

“This year we are starting to see more people aware of eSports, ” he said.

“But there is still a lot of work to do in explaining the complexity associated with competitive gaming and the player agility to a broader audience.

“Therefore, out-dated stereotypes regarding gamers and the scene are immediate hurdles when speaking to the media and public about what eSports are, about why they are so popular to a lot more than 385 million people around the world, and about how the industry is expected to be worth greater than $1. 5 billion dollars dollars by 2020. ”

So , what are today’s eSports players actually like? Are they vastly different from the actual out-dated stereotypes many hold?

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