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In fact effectively change their idea, strengthened cooperation on both sides. Continue to find sharp; To do this, it needs the support of thought. Seven years ago, most of the specifications of the floor is width is 9 cm. On one occasion, he bought a batch of timber is only 9.5 cm, the width of the provisions of the contract did not meet the 10 centimeters. Is arguably can return, but not Lu Weiguang something like this: "I don't think this is one of the best solutions. Although it can machine commissioning after make out of the floor of the 9.5 cm 9 cm, then I think, in the future to buy 10 will make 9.5 cm, this is equivalent to the 9 floor made into 9.5 cm, the cost of my wood utilization raised a few percent five." Another found that not only the Lu Weiguang earned 5 million yuan more than a year, and the birth of the new floor width in the domestic leading the new trend. Lu Weiguang wealth, it can be said that begins each one found, but not only stems from a discovery. " , , , "

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