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i have two out of state cases that just does not seem to help me ?i have one in northdokta and one in saint louis mo i was told all states are the same by the same computer and senes my orders are in iowa

being infroce for garnihesments nothing helps to understand them on how to clear up the confussing things that they dont explain like i guess haveing soo many more than one cases are you better off trying to talk to a judge than trying to work it out with childsupport ?dont seem like sending the paper work in as long as the mother is on welfare period that its really not helping my case at all i need help  does the nwacp help with things like this .it seems being behind on backchildsupport the state offers no relia source to better the out come for fathers who are that cant afford a lawyer or find a judge that can work through the hard nose books out here .


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You are behind the eight ball and that is just how the "STATE" likes it.  They make you pay for everything even when you can't and thanks to the working poor (fathers) it gives great propaganda value to the statisical statement, "Fathers don't pay child support."  In reality, the majority of fathers behind in child support are the working poor that live hand to mouth with less than $300 in a bank account and without their own residence (per se).  And don't count on the "STATE" to pick you up because they will, in fact, assist that angry mother to take visitation away from you since you are without money and behind in child support.  Oh, the naysayers will point out that child support and visitation are not connected but then why do all the judges ask the guy, "are you current on your child support?"  To ask the question already implies the connection or it would not be necessary at all.  If you had a lawyer this would not happen but without one - the judge will be asking the questions.  As for the mother, the "STATE" has the resources of the various Human Services agencies as well as so called "independent" interest groups and appointed lawyers.  A guy doesn't have a prayer if he is behind in child support against such bias and institutional sexism.  Moreover, the courts don't seem to recognize that most victims of child sex abuse by the father are in fact victims of a STEP FATHER!  The courts never figure that one out and the feminists never address that either since they are loathe to admit that natural fathers - even broke - are better parents than live in boyfriends.  Feminists want all men out of the home (leave your money behind though) and live in boyfriends that can be kicked out on a whim.  As for the children...why is they keep growing up so messed up now???????


Feminists have an answer - MORE CHILD SUPPORT!

Finally, what do you do if you are in this circumstance?  The only thing you can do.  Get a cash paying job that doesn't report to the government - something with lots of tips or do side roofing jobs etc.  Save up some money and with a legit income of some sort on the books try to get your child support reduced.  Do everything you can to have a stable home for yourself with that extra "hidden money" and stay involved with your children if possible.  That is all you can do.  Also, be involved in groups like this one and speak out against this sexist system at every opportunity and support elected officials that fight this tyranny.  And of course, move on with your life as that is all you can really do.


Good luck and God Bless you.


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