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The composite panel is made of medium density board, outsourcing PVC, door core board for the German love home decoration board or fire board and other double trim, the cabinet company re-processing stitching; its advantages are rich colors, border and Double trim with any, fully embodies the personality of fashion, daily maintenance clean and convenient, simple, and the border plus the core structure is stable, no deformation and no edge.

This door is the ideal choice for modern people. Crystal type Crystal plate from the substrate plus white fire board made of acrylic. Small workshop manufacturers use plexiglass; standard manufacturers with acrylic, environmentally friendly and modeling three-dimensional. The material is rich in the design of the cabinet, played a positive role, by some people love.

Mirror resin plate Mirror resin board is currently used in the cabinet market is still more, its properties with the paint door almost, that is, fashion, rich colors, good water resistance. But not wear, easy to cut flowers, and high temperature resistance is not very good. So the color requirements, the pursuit of fashion consumers can choose the mirror plate of the cabinet, but because it is easy to cut flowers, so the use should pay attention to maintenance.

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