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together usually dozens to hundreds of people, first of all painted blue, such as the blue sky, the sea; second people draw all green, such as mountains, trees, water and other third people to draw all red...... By analogy. Such paintings generally do not have any collection value. And the true meaning of the painting, with the creation of works or strict copying works mainly, Home Furnishing decoration more choice of this type of oil painting. Want to buy a painting for more Hangzhou, there are many want to buy a

painting style, the easiest way is to go to the gallery, should belong to the most concentrated in the Nanshan Road, Hangzhou Gallery, gallery on both sides of the street can be seen everywhere. In other ways, such as through an oil painting exhibition, an auction, or from the hands of collectors. Now the Academy of fine arts students have for the customer creation or copying a painting. There China art students to understand, for Mr. Yu mentioned the ratio of length to width is 2.5m * 1.5m frame, if the sketches of

general in 5000 yuan, the price of painting in general to 25 thousand yuan. For this price, said that the Academy of fine arts professor in a reasonable range. The road Huayu art gallery owner Ms. Xie said, the content of the painting also have difficulty, general figure painting is the most difficult to draw, the time spent the longest and the second is landscape, and still life is relatively a bit easier. Ms. Xie has been in the gallery industry for 15 years, has held many exhibitions, know a lot of oil painting artists, so she said

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