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Players can continue playing on their previously created character or start their adventure by selecting any of the games classes, Revelation Online Gold such as the Spiritshaper. In celebration of the announcement, the new class focused gameplay video details the basics of the primary healing class of Revelation Online .Global Publisher and developer NetEase proudly announce Revelation Online has entered its Second Closed Beta test. As a thank you to players who received access during the previous phase, and NetEase have extended access to the second phase to those players. Players will be able to join their friends in Nuanor and explore the storyline up to level 49, including non-level-tied activities such as crafting, dungeons, and PvP. To celebrate the Second Closed Beta, all players participating in Closed Beta Test 2 prior to the 23 of December will Cheap Revelation Online Gold receive two holiday themed garments for their adventurer. The second phase of testing for the anticipated MMORPG will be taking place until January 3.
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