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factory sent to the Shanghai National Building Materials and Decorative Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for testing the production of solid wood flooring substrate, formaldehyde emission of up to 2.5mg / L, is the E0 Level floor formaldehyde release limit of 0.5 mg / L of 5 times. For the network forum, said some of the company's product testing is not up to the company's sample, not the company's products into the market, Shun floor, general manager of Hu Ya told reporters yesterday, Shun All sampling
products are qualified. Thickness difference of 0.3mm, the cost of a greater impact on the thickness of different panels, the cost of the floor for a very large impact. The experts said, to import 18mm thickness of oak, per square meter at about 350 yuan, if the cut into 2mm thickness, probably can be cut into 6 or so, each cost of 60 yuan, if cut into 1mm, each Block cost is only 30 yuan, if further cutting, the cost is further reduced. Insiders generally do not buy the panel thickness of less than 1mm below, not wear, 1mm or more, if it is family, care a little something, generally can use two to three decades. If it is 0.3mm, with a few years on the bad. According to him, the current industry can be cut to the thinnest is 0.3mm,Is not to say 0.3mm can not be used, but the quality is relatively poor, not wear-resistant, flooring is easy to degum, layered. Broke the news of people, Shun provided

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