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RuneScape MMORPG and RuneScape old school all possess Halloween activities on the planet Gielinor.

Ghost tale, horror story will be in the phantom in the magic and RUNESCAPE old school will try in order to beat jonas,Buy Deadman Gold, the actual hockey mask on the assassin's mace!

The actual horror stories within Gielinor's "ghost story" were written by programmers and some RuneScape gamers. In this terrifying as well as mysterious journey, every thing will begin with a personality named "epilogue". Gamers who will collect tales and collect a good ornament: a driverless driver.

On Fri October 13th the masked man was at RuneScape old-school. Jonah's scepter is currently ready to be discovered! In the event of a earn, the player will gain the mask associated with jonah and the "zombie blue" hue to use to their avatar pores and skin.

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