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International exhibits an area inside, showed the bamboo product that comes from 25 countries such as the United States, Pakistan, Vietnam and area. In addition, the province such as Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Fujian, Yunnan, Anhui, Guangdong forms a delegation ginseng exhibit. Since beginning, the person that look around bathroom plastic decking cebu price in an endless stream, each exhibit round voice noisy and confused, lively and special. Up to 13 days, spot dealing forehead agreement of 63.03 million yuan of; trades travelling merchant of 150 million yuan of; recieves the forehead 215 thousand person-time. From Changzhou discrepancy condition examined on October 14 quarantine cedar wall trellis for sale India bureau understands, industry of floor of horizontal stroke forest already opened net store at present many 400, electric business makes an appointment with 2500 people from trade number. Last year, business affairs of electron of industry of floor of horizontal stroke forest trades the forehead achieves 730 million yuan. Predict electric business trades this year the forehead will achieve 900 million yuan, adjacent always trade 1/8 frontal. With Bell floor of industry of timber of floor, Luo Jimu course of study, triumphant Lai, Rongdeng, fly enterprise of 5 wood floor gives priority to wooden industry the Changzhou that guide is horizontal association of business affairs of Lin Zhen electron held water a few days ago, the mark wears what industry of upvc solid white fence posts floor of horizontal stroke forest enters electronic business affairs to develop to quicken period. As " of floor of Chinese aggrandizement wood " , floor of horizontal stroke forest holds 40% market share of domestic, export share occupies countrywide gross 65% the left and right sides.

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