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Wow... just sat through required Mediation yesterday for a temporary hearing where spouse is seeking Full custody of our 17 "and" 18 year old children.  
I'll publicly say this, she committed adultery back in late Sept. 2013 with my daughters boyfriends DAD... played off the whole time they were just "friends",
till she ended up moving in with guy beginning of February, and filed for Divorce mid Feb. (2014).
In meantime, she took daughter with (what 17 year-old wouldn't go with mom to live with her 15-16 year old boyfriend).  Then eventually, they get my son over there... NO rules.

She initially files divorce for joint custody, yet we get into an argument in early March, that escalates to her filing temp. court order for FULL custody.  
Even has the brash to request $1,500 for HER attorney fees !!  Needless to say, Mediation now required prior to a court hearing... and what a joke.
I had to make an initial offer...... I have to get affidavits to support I'm a FIT father for my 17 & 18 year
old based on my WIFE'S actions.  And I'm told that the court will likely side with spouse based on last 2 months living arrangement, at least for one child.  
They didn't even counter, and NOW going to court just on Temporary matters.... NOT to mention the mediation did NOTHING to resolve property / assets / etc.

There should be a state MANDATE, that at least requires applicant of divorce to make an initial offer...
to at least counter.... walked away with NO attempt to discuss.  Or require a day to resolve "any" of the property / assets / etc. issues.  
Was literally the biggest JOKE... in the end had to hear about Mediators time at Lake Okoboji every year.  Needless to say.... I'm beyond NOT happy.

So much to this pending Divorce and wife's actions that would make any GUY loose it.... somehow I'm maintaining.... Yet just ANOTHER kick below the belt..... Sickened is more like it.

Just wanted to remark.... don't see any updated remarks about the newer state rules that require mediation within time frame of divorce petition / prior to hearing, and experiences.  
Needless to say, a WORTHLESS joke.

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Did you get justice?
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