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One of the most highly recommended ingredients in anti-wrinkle creams is Argireline. This ingredient has been compared to Botox. Creams that have 5% to 10% Argireline work extremely well. There are also products that contain a higher percentage of Argireline. Amazing results have been reported by people using creams containing this ingredient. Many cases have shown to fade the wrinkles or in the best-case scenario, the creams completely eliminated the wrinkles.

Dermitage has just released an age defying system that many have found useful in getting rid of the signs of aging; wrinkles, lines, and dark circles. By combining an instant lifting crème, a skin renewal complex, and a dark circle eye cream, skin can be smoothed from underneath to get rid of wrinkles and create a firmer texture. Boosting your collagen and reducing dark circles under your eye is another way this system is supposed to work.

lifecell store Vitamin C Although can not directly reduce the production of wrinkles, but has a strong whitening function, and a white cover hundred ugly, so want to really young words, should be more vitamin C content a little more food, like the daily life we eat cucumber, lemon, Kiwi is very high in vitamin C content. Daily Eat lifecell cream A class of this kind of vegetables and fruits can slow down the pace of aging, to maintain the charm of women.


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