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 It completely bulldozes the AI with Legendary, Fifa 18 Comfort Trade coins and damaged the two online oppositions I faced.


I've used Martial for 7 online games so far, and here are usually his stats inside those games:

Selling price: 20, 000 silver and gold coins (XB1)

Chemistry Type: Hawk

Games: several

Goals: 8

Aids: 6

Let's enter the review.


Pace: 10/10

Your dog is very fast. I could leave it at that. He's nearly impossible to catch up to be able to, and he can employ this ability to devastating result. Get him beyond daylight hours backline, and he can do the rest. His stride makes him a fantastic player to have in the beginning, but also means the guy can be used pretty efficiently as a winger.

Drible: 10/10

Silky easy. SImply mesmerising. The particular ball is caught to his foot, his skill movements are executed beautifully, buy fut 18 coins and he is impossibly hard to dispossess. Pertaining to who has as much swiftness as him, his or her dribbling is unexpected -- he won't struggle to control the particular ball, even when she has at his leading speed. He halts instantly, turns correctly, and is a joy to utilize.

Shooting: 9/10

That gets the job performed, and then some. His or her finesse shots from your edge of the container are incredible, impressive finishing in and around the is superb. From virtually any angle, for either foot, he will challenge the keeper. Positioning is stable, and his heading is certainly unbelievable -- he or she wins everything in the air, and his accuracy is normally spot-on. The only real disadvantage is that his very long shots are sort of meh, but when he gets near goal, he'll report.

Passing: 7/10

He has no Pirlo, nonetheless it gets the job executed. Crossing is very very good, short passing is virtually perfect, fantastic long passes lift weights far more often than not knowing. His free switches aren't the best, and so i don't advise that you simply take them with the dog.

Defending: N/A

She has strength, pace, levels and jumping implies he can harrass defenders constantly, but he has been not world-famous regarding his tackling capacity.

Physical: 10/10

This is just what makes the card so competent. He's incredibly strong in-game. His peak, combined with decent energy and aggression, tends to make him an absolute fish tank. He's the definition of your beast. He shrugs off most total backs like they will aren't even presently there, and he holds his very own against the best centerbacks. His jumping is excellent, so he benefits virtually everything upward, making him the best target man.


He's as good as this past year. I'm tempted to state he's even better this coming year, since good pace and dribbling will be more apparent with these online game mechanics, and his strength makes him any one-of-a-kind player. He has been pretty expensive today, but he'll just be more expensive upon larger release.

I may make 20K on this credit card, but I'm never ever  selling him. He'll be in my pub for the rest of year. They are just that good.

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