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This practice appears to go as far back as the Bronze Age when Kohl, a dark putty (for the most part antimony sulfide or lead sulfide), was worn to secure and upgrade lashes. In Ancient Egypt, it was utilized also by the well off and the imperial to shield their eyes from the sand, tidy, and bugs. Present day eye cosmetics incorporates mascara, eyeliner, eye putty, and eye shadow to underline the eyes and also Eyelash Extensions and items that improve development, for example, Careprost.

The twentieth century saw the start of persuading false eyelashes, famous in the 1960s. There are likewise diverse apparatuses that can be utilized on the lashes, for example, eyelash styler or mascara shield additionally named mascara watch or eye cosmetics aide.

Treatment of glaucoma and build length of the eyelashes More Uses bimatoprost is a

care prost Even though a lot of women have sensitive eyes, which makes it difficult to use a lot of cosmetic products, it doesn't contain any of the harsh chemicals that cause this type of irritation. Also, since you will use this product like you would use eyeliner, instead of applying it directly to your eyelashes, the chances for irritation will also be greatly reduced. However, if you do still experience redness, itching or irritation, you should stop using it immediately,careprost eye drops do not have these problems. 

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