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One ingredient that is not widely available is Functional Keratin. This compound is extremely similar to the natural keratin in our skin. In many lotions, the keratin has been denaturalized through a rendering process that you can recognize by use of the word "hydrolyzed".

An anti wrinkle firming cream that does utilize the Functional Keratin is available from a direct buy company in New Zealand, where I live, which by the way is where Functional Keratin is obtained. The Keratin blend was developed by a company called KERATEC, and is derived from the wool of only a certain native sheep.

lifecell store Vitamin C Although can not directly reduce the production of wrinkles, but has a strong whitening function, and a white cover hundred ugly, so want to really young words, should be more vitamin C content a little more food, like the daily life we eat cucumber, lemon, Kiwi is very high in vitamin C content. Daily Eat lifecell cream A class of this kind of vegetables and fruits can slow down the pace of aging, to maintain the charm of women.

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