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There’s quite a few things that annoyed gamers with FIFA 18.

Here are the main ones.

Long Shots – from 45 yards

These find the back of the net far too often.

It’s largely because goalkeeper AI isn’t up to scratch, Fifa 18 Comfort Trade coins meaning they spend too often standing still before attempting a dive.

The shots themselves are way too accurate – so incorporating more human error would make things more realistic.

Keepers Mechanics and goal line technology

In penalties, the keepers sometimes do not save the ball despite the fact they dive in the correct direction.

During open gameplay, they also get confused about when they should punch or catch a golf ball – the former often resulting in the basketball landing to an opponent.

The goal-line technologies system is also incredibly erratic.

Player animations

When a player is fouled, the ‘complain’ animation takes way too long – taking them out of the game for a noticeable period of time.

This needs to be shortened.

Defensive AI

The CPU AI is actually far too good at defending, so much so that it’s often more effective to put the controller down and let it do the work.

This needs to be toned down so it doesn’t feel that you’re trying to beat the computer as well as the human opposition.

Scrapping auto blocking and auto tackles would be welcome too.

Corners, Headers as well as chesting

Some followers have reported that corners leave you as well exposed to a counter because players don’t get back fast enough to cover.

Regarding headers, it seems the attacker always has the ability to step in front of the defender, making it easier for them to score regardless of stats.

Adding more control to the aerial tussle would improve things no end.

Chesting the soccer ball is also inconsistent and in desperate need of more control.


These have been slightly flaky throughout FIFA 17’s lifespan, so greater optimisation especially during peak times would be welcome.

Thankfully, EA revealed that they cheap fifa 18 coins  have a dedicated team of people tasked with ensuring the servers are much improved come FIFA 18.

Players should also be kicked for inactivity if they put down the controller with regard to long periods of time.

If a video game disconnects during a match, there needs to be a period where it tries to reconnect to the player until a certain time limit is hit.

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