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After more than 2 years of legal wranglings, the judge finally issued a decree for our dissolution.  After $40k of legal expenses, I was financially forced to switch to represent myself Pro Se.

I've got 3 imminent concerns that I don't know how to pursue legally:  (FWIW, the decree was written by a judge who is/was retiring a couple weeks after the decree.  It seemed to be be shoddily thrown together as the judge was cleaning up his final TODO list.)
1)  The divorce decree makes several verifiable factual errors in formulating division of assets.  (Examples:  Assets were counted that don't exist, Assets that were valued incorrectly, My income was stated as higher than it has ever been, roughly 17% higher than my last 3 year average.)  I don't mind paying her what I owe, but I'd like my share computed accurately.
2)  Custody/Visitation:  The judge gave me significantly less visitation than what she agreed to in mediation.  I spent thousands in legal fees to get that level of visitation.  I don't understand how this could be possible, or how to appeal it.
3)  Enforcement of visitation:  Already she has begun denying visitation.  I am sending her letters based on the sample on the site, but I really don't know where to go from there.  Beyond simply writing down a log, how can I best document her shenanigans?  

I'm really looking for high-level basic direction on what to do on these issues.  (E.G.  Go fill out a form 3452 and file it with the clerk of court, or take a time-stamped picture of yourself and the visitation pickup location showing no kids, etc.)


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I wanted to revist this thread I started a year ago.   I hope that this round someone can give me at least some 10,000ft advise.

In the last year, nothing has changed. 
My ex has continued to obstruct visitation whenever she can, and has put it in writing to me that she will never cooperate with me on anything.  (This is despite a year of my trying to lower the hostitlities with politeness, turning the other cheek, etc.)

She denies my ability to contact them via phone, and has punished the kids for e-mailing me. I've documented several other instances of emotional abuse she has been doing to the kids. 

Effectively, this prevents me from being able to do ANYTHING with my kids that isn't by-default scheduled during my limited visitation time. 

Since the decree was so lopsided, I'll be in debt for many years, so I don't have money to hire a lawyer.  (My original lawyer charged me over $40K and lost every court issue prior to the actual divorce trial.  I couldn't afford to continue paying him.   I was forced to go per-se, and I was no match for her lawyer.)

I really need help figuring out some kind of basic plan to improve the custody situation.  The money doesn't matter, but the kids do.   If someone could even give me a basic outline of what court steps (E.G.  Begin the process by filing a Form 234:Request Stuff to Change Form at the courthouse.)  are involved in something like this, I would be grateful.
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