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Semen in urine , a sign of low energy levels in the reproductive system and a poor functioning of the nerves leads to low potency and libido and raises problems related to erections and involuntary ejaculations. Leading to a stress and distressed liver this condition causes poor overall health and severe debility, with herbal treatment for semen leakage in urine helping effectively to reverses the side effects.

Let us first know the causes of leaking of semen in urine:

Abusive sexual behavior like excessive hand practice, coition, and use of stimulating medicines or gaining pleasure through any other unnatural means causes the problem of seminal discharge with urine.

The other important of the causes of leakage of semen in urine is excessive self-stimulation that exhausts the reproductive system and makes the nerves lethargic. Damaged and lethargic nerves are unable to keep the semen locked and allow it to pass out easily.

Next health conditions like diabetes that lower energy levels or harm nervous system causes of leakage of semen in urine in addition to other sexual problems.

Some more of the causes of leakage of semen in urine lie in treatments like radiation therapy , chemotherapy, antidepressant medicines and sedatives.

The other causes for leakage of semen in urine lie in poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle and bad habits like alcohol intake, smoking and medicines. Poor diet causes deficiencies and debilities , with the other factors raising toxicity and poor metabolism that harm reproductive functions and energy and performance of nerves.

Aging, stress and insomnia are some of the other causes of leakage of semen in urine that jumble hormonal secretion and affect health and functions of reproductive system.

Leakage of semen in urine is also caused by retrograde ejaculation and incomplete ejaculation; the semen that is not ejaculated is in the urethra and comes out with the urine.

Herbal treatment for semen leakage in urine is in the two effective herbal formulations namely, NF Cure and Shilajit capsules.

NF Cure capsules with aphrodisiac herbs rejuvenate male reproductive system by enhancing secretion of testosterone and guide the flow of energy towards male genital region. They are the best herbal treatment for semen leakage in urine.

The herbal ingredients of this capsule dilate blood vessels and improve flow of blood to supply nutrition and oxygen to cells and strengthen tissues and organs, remove debilities and weaknesses and keep one active throughout the day.

NF Cure capsules not only stop semen loss with urine by rejuvenating reproductive system and energizing nerves , but also enhance male's potency and virility and increase his desire for lovemaking. This herbal treatment for semen leakage in urine also promotes faster tissue generation, improves prostate functions and also supports testicular functions to increase sperm count, semen volume and enhance libido.

Shilajit capsules the other herbal treatment for semen leakage in urine supplement nutrients to remove deficiencies caused by regular loss of semen and also increase rate and frequency of energy producing reactions. This important herbal formulation enhances muscular strength, muscular endurance , bone density, stamina and strength. The herbs in it also improve functions of heart, kidney and liver and improve a male's vitality considerably in a short time.

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